1. Lemon & cucumber water

Mix 10 cups of fresh Puratap water, one sliced cucumber, mint and sliced lemon in a jug. Place in the fridge overnight so the water has the chance to infuse before serving.

2. Orange & kiwi fruit water

Cut one orange into quarters and put two of the quarters aside. With the remaining oranges, cut into smaller pieces as well as about one to two kiwi fruits. Add to 10 cups of water and then squeeze as much of the juice of the remaining quarters as you can into the water. Leave overnight to chill before serving.

3. Red berries & lime water

Add about ¼ cup of strawberries or raspberries (or both) and one sliced lime to 10 cups of water. For an extra refreshing flavour, try adding a small handful of finely chopped fresh mint leaves. Pop it the fridge and leave overnight before serving.

4. Watermelon & rosemary water

Cut enough watermelon into cubes with the skin and seeds removed to make up one cup. Add the watermelon to 10 cups of water and two sprigs of rosemary. Leave in the fridge overnight.

5. Pineapple & mint water

Mix 10 cups of water with one cup of pineapple (cut into cubes and the skin removed) and about 10 chopped fresh mint leaves. Place in the fridge to infuse overnight.

6. Fruity Tea soda (as seen on Wholesome Cook)

Steep two tea bags of your natural herbal tea (mint; cranberry and pomegranate; strawberry; blackcurrant, chamomile; or lemon) in three cups of boiling water. Let it cool down a little before adding it to the fridge to chill. Add one cup of sparkling mineral water or soda water. You’ll have instant flavoured fizzy drink with close to no sugar as well as no colouring and other additives.

7. Natural iced tea

As different natural herbal tea varieties continue to pop up in the supermarket aisle, this is the perfect time to try a natural iced tea. Make enough cups of tea as per the package instructions that you will need for serving and allow to cool before placing in the fridge to cool down further. Serve with ice cubes in a jug or use mason jars for something different. Tea flavours to try include apple, mango, berry, raspberry, coconut, peach, banana, or berry and green tea combos.

8. Strawberry & watermelon shake

Add half a cup of strawberries, cut with the stems removed, two cups of diced watermelon with the skin removed and about eight ice cubes in a blender. Blitz until well-combined. For an extra zing, add a few leaves of fresh mint or basil.

Tip: Don’t forget to use your beautiful fresh filtered Puratap water to make your ice cubes