Living clean with Riarna

Meet Riarna

Life is full of unexpected moments. These moments define us, they shape us and they build us into the people we are today.

My name is Riarna and I recently celebrated 14 months in remission. Remission from Stage 3 Cervical Cancer. My diagnosis came when I was 27-years-old: Healthy, happily married and mum to an almost two-year-old. An unexpected moment that changed my life forever.

I am a Survivor.

Prior to my diagnosis, I was healthy and active, studying in the field of health and wellness and feeling completely unstoppable. Cancer opened a new world for my family and me. But mostly, it reaffirmed the power of good nutrition and the importance of Living Clean. A life free of additives, preservatives and chemicals.

Today I am unstoppable - I did not let cancer win. Instead, I let it empower me, and fuel my desire of educating others to live clean. I love creating healthy recipes and sharing my passion for good nutrition through my health food blog, Nourish Nurture Live, and social media. It’s important to me to show others how I live a ‘low-chemical’ life and why I choose health and happiness every day.

My Puratap is an essential addition to my household. I find comfort in knowing that I’m matching our good nutrition with healthy water, free from many chemicals that I work so hard to avoid. Puratap matches perfectly with my healthy life, and I use it for everything. For washing, for cooking and even cleaning, to eliminate chemicals in all aspects of our home.

For my family and me, Living Clean is what it’s all about.

Join Riarna from Nourish Nurture Live for our Living Clean with Puratap series as she shares her story and the importance of nutrition and living well. We'll be sharing recipes created by Riarna that reflect her message of striving to live an additive, preservative and chemical free life.

Living Clean with Riarna – Recipe 1: Cranberry & Cashew Snack Bars

Living Clean with Riarna - Recipe 2: Tuna Sweet Potato Mini Bites

Living Clean with Riarna - Recipe 3: Raw Chocolate Crunch

Living Clean with Riarna - Recipe 4: Peach Pear Crumble

Living Clean with Riarna - Recipe 5: Savoury Breakfast Muffins

Living Clean with Riarna - Recipe 6: Peanut Butter Banana Fudge

Living Clean with Riarna - Recipe 7: Basil Chickpea Pancakes


*Feature article and images by Riarna Springbett. Photo of Riarna by Michelle Richards -

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