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Water Filter Set up

Water Filter Set up
Water Filter Set up Water Filter Set up Water Filter Set up Water Filter Set up Water Filter Set up Water Filter Set up Water Filter Set up Water Filter Set up
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The Puratap Complete water filter set up  consists of 2 separate stages of filtration. The first, a sediment filter will remove any dirt, rust and undissolved organic matter from the water that is larger than 1 micron in size. The second filter, the carbon filter, will remove chlorine, trihalomethanes, herbicides, pesticides and many other chemicals from the water. The carbon filter has a pore size of 0.45 microns. The Puratap GI-2600 will not remove any minerals from the water, including fluoride.


The Puratap GI-2600 water filter, fitted with our high quality double o'ring sealed filters, is able to remove a significant number of contaminants from your water. 

So what can a Puratap water filter remove, and should you be worried about having these things in your water?

Here is a list of just a few of the things a Puratap GI-2600 water filter can remove...

Name What is it? What could it do to me? Has it been found in Australian water?
Alachlor Herbicide Colo-rectal cancer, leukemia and myeloma (WHO 1996, Leet 1998, Lee 2004) Not tested (has been found overseas)
Atrazine Herbicide Gastrochisis and reproductive cancer (Fan 2007, Waller 2010) Yes
Benzene Petrochemical Leukemia, anencephaly and spina bifida (Aksoy 1974, Rinsky 1989, Garduno 2010, Lupo 2011) No (has been found overseas)
Bromodi-chloromethane Trihalomethane Unknown (causes liver and kidney cancers in rats and mice (Aida 1992a, 1992b) Yes
Bromoform Trihalomethane Unknown (causes lethargy and adenocarcinoma in rats and mice (NTP 1989)) Yes
Carbofuran Pesticide  Infertility, nervous system damage and coma (Tenebaum 2008, Gallegoa-Avila 2010) Not tested
Chloroform Trihalomethane  Anaesthesia, intrauterine growth retardation, liver damage, neurological damage and cancer (Kramer 1992, Li 1992) Yes
Chloropicrin Pesticide Ocular and respiratory irritation (Oriel 2009, Barry 2010)  Not tested
Cryptosporidium Protozoan Parasite  Cryptosporidiosis- characterised by vomiting, diarrhoea, fever and loss of appetite (CDCB 2007) Yes


* Efficient contaminant removal is reliant on filter change at prescribed intervals.  The Puratap GI-2600 water filter requires a filter change at 2500L or yearly, which ever comes first.


You don't have to take our word for it though, have a look at Puratap's independent testing proving what our GI-2600 water filter can remove and our independent testing proving that the GI-2600 water filter does not add or leech anything back into your water! 

PuratapGI2600warranty.pdf​Puratap water treatment testing for ASNZS 3497.pdf

PuratapGI2600warranty.pdf​Puratap GI-2600 unit testing for ASNZS 4020.pdf

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