Puratap is Australia’s leading water filter company, servicing over 270,000 customers in the Adelaide metropolitan area alone – but like Rome, Puratap wasn’t built in a day.

The idea for Puratap – a water filtration company that would service and stand by their product – was born of an experience by an Adelaide local in the early 1990’s. Concerned about the quality of the tap water in his family home, he began to look for an under-sink water filter. The units he found were expensive with limited options for ongoing maintenance. Additionally, the quality was poor – with recurring issues and leaking.

To better meet the needs of the Adelaide market, he began to import a higher quality water filter and sell them to other Adelaide residents with a better warranty and options for ongoing maintenance. However it did not take long to discover that these imported water filters were simply not strong enough to cope with the unique Australian conditions.

After much research, the solution became clear. The only way to make a unit to withstand Australian conditions was to design and manufacture it right here in Adelaide. So that’s what he did, and Puratap was formed in September 1996.

Since then, Puratap has become a household name with many South Australians refusing to drink anything else!

By designing, manufacturing and testing the unit here in Adelaide, Puratap has total control of the quality of the unit. Puratap purifiers have undergone systematic refinement and are constantly being tested and improved to ensure that we can offer the absolute best quality on the market.

Puratap has been awarded a Watermark Level 1 certification – the highest level available for plumbing products and is proudly Australian made and owned.

Our Services

Need a Water Purification System installed?

The Puratap Complete Water Purification System consists of 2 separate stages of filtration. The first sediment filter removes any dirt, rust and undissolved organic matter from the water. The second carbon filter removes chlorine, trihalomethanes, herbicides, pesticides and many other chemicals.

Need a filter change?

At Puratap you can call us anytime to book a filter change.  You must replace filters within 12 months of your last filter change or installation date. This is the maximum time that the filters can work effectively and ensures you always have fresh, clean drinking water available.

Sales & Service

Puratap have saved you the legwork and contacted some of the best plumbers in Adelaide to install your new unit. Our selected plumbers are experts at what they do, so no matter what configuration your kitchen is in, they will find the best way for you to have a Puratap installed and/or maintained.

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