Designer Separate Taps

Modernise your kitchen with one of our designer separate taps. Choose a sleek chrome version or a bold black, there is a style to suit your kitchen and lifestyle. Teamed with our award winning purification system, enjoy great tasting water anytime.

Great taste & good for you

The Puratap filters use the highest quality activated carbon filters and have been scientifically proven to remove over 99% of chemicals from your mains tap water.

This includes THM’s (trihalomethanes) chlorine, herbicides and pesticides. Puratap has been awarded a Watermark Level 1 certification on all our taps– the highest level available for plumbing products and is proudly Australian made and owned.

Why choose a Puratap system?

  • 3 year warranty on all of our taps and filtration systems
  • Free in home servicing with every filter change
  • Largest range of designer tap ware with the Watermark certification
  • Lead free taps
  • Safe for the whole family
  • Tested by the UniSA scientists as the filter that captures the most chemicals.
  • Polymer inserts
  • Proudly made in South Australia

Customer Reviews


“Basically a must have”

I recently got one of the new all-in-one taps fitted in my kitchen. It was a new build house so I wasn’t keen on the idea of having a separate tap. It looks great and works. Seriously the tap water at my house is awful and the Puratap is the only option. Its the only thing that makes it drinkable and the only company I trust! I have used them before and I will use them again.


“Fast and reliable”

Called about replacing an old, leaking tap and had a rep at the house within the half hour. Very fast, efficient work and would definitely recommend the service.

Lea and Matt,

“I like to support local!”

I have lived in a few different houses in the Adelaide suburbs and we have always had a Puratap. I really like supporting local businesses and they seem to give lots of local people jobs which I like. The water that comes out of it is good and my kids will drink it, so what more can you ask for!


Our Services

Need a Water Purification System installed?

The Puratap Complete Water Purification System consists of 2 separate stages of filtration. The first sediment filter removes any dirt, rust and undissolved organic matter from the water. The second carbon filter removes chlorine, trihalomethanes, herbicides, pesticides and many other chemicals.

Need a filter change?

At Puratap you can call us anytime to book a filter change.  You must replace filters within 12 months of your last filter change or installation date. This is the maximum time that the filters can work effectively and ensures you always have fresh, clean drinking water available.

Sales & Service

Puratap have saved you the legwork and contacted some of the best plumbers in Adelaide to install your new unit. Our selected plumbers are experts at what they do, so no matter what configuration your kitchen is in, they will find the best way for you to have a Puratap installed and/or maintained.