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All-in-One Designer Mixer Taps

Great Taste & Good For You

The Puratap filters use the highest quality activated carbon filters and have been scientifically proven to remove over 99% of chemicals from your mains’ tap water.

This includes THM’s (trihalomethanes) chlorine, herbicides, and pesticides. Puratap has been awarded a Watermark Level 1 certification on all our taps– the highest level available for plumbing products and is proudly Australian-made and owned.

At last, an all-in-one designer mixer tap that looks chic and provides great-tasting purified water from one spout. Modernize your kitchen with one of our designer colors. From bold black to rich gold, there is a style to suit your kitchen and lifestyle. All you need is one tap teamed with our award-winning purification system to provide great tasting, hot, cold, and purified water.

gold 3 way mixer taps

Why Choose a Puratap System?

  •  3-year warranty on all of our taps and filtration systems.
  • Free in-home servicing with every filter change.
  • Largest range of designer tap ware with the Watermark certification.
  • Lead-free taps
  • Safe for the whole family.
  • Tested by the UniSA scientists as the filter that captures the most chemicals.
  • Polymer inserts.
  • Proudly made in South Australia.

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