The New No Fuss Filter Change

The new Easyfit 2300 will be the easiest water filter you’ll ever have.
The new Easyfit 2300 makes it easy to get your filter changes, totally contact less. Just book a filter change via our QR code, remove the filter yourself and leave outside for our service technician.


Puratap, Water Filter Taps Adelaide
Just scan the QR code to make a booking.
puratap book a plumber app
Pick the preffered date and time for your filter change.
puratap easyfit 2300 system
Unclip the filter yourself with our new Easyfit 2300 system.
woman holding puratap filter unit for under sink water filtration
Remove your unit ready for your filter change.
woman holding puratap water filter unit
Leave your filter in safe place for our service technician.
plumber lifting a puratap filtration unit for water
We will collect and service your filter while you are not at home, no need to wait.

The Puratap filter change just got easier. Find out how to get the new Easyfit 2300 today.

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