Puratap Manufactured In South Australia

Puratap is Australia’s leading water filter company, and did you know our under sink water filter system is manufactured right here in South Australia?

Our History

The Puratap brand was founded in the early 1990’s and was created after the owner was concerned about the quality of the Adelaide tap water in his home. After much research, he found that the filter systems on the market at the time were expensive, bulky and had reoccurring issues. He set about creating a new water filter to meet his own needs and the specific needs of the South Australian tap water and conditions.

Puratap was founded in September 1996 and since then has been awarded a Watermark Level 1 certification – the highest level available for plumbing products.

So, What Makes Our Under Sink Water Filter So Unique?

Puratap Water Tap With Filter


Invest in a competitors system and you could risk needing to replace it within 3-5 yrs. Buy right the first time with Puratap and you can be assured of Puratap’s GI2600’s strength and durability and get a 10 yr warranty on the system.

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