Stop Cross Contamination With A Three Way Mixer Tap

Stop cross contamination by ensuring you invest in a quality Puratap all-in-one mixer tap.

Many households require a water filter and until now, a single side tap has been the only option for most kitchens. With the launch of the three-way mixer tap, getting fresh filtered water that tastes great and looks good in a modern kitchen application is easier than ever.

What is the Advantage of Installing a Three-Way Mixer Tap?

All you need for installation is one hole in your kitchen sink. The mixer taps have three sides. One for hot and cold water and one for filtered water. The water filter is connected via a line that leads to your under-sink purification system.

Three-way mixers are easier to use and give you the convenience of swapping between general-use water and filtered water with a flick of the handle. This style of mixer has three inlets. The design allows for the separation of hot, cold, and filtered water. Wash your veggies with filtered water and flick over to hot + cold to wash the dishes.

A quality three-way mixer tap has separate lines inside that eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination. Ensure when purchasing a three-way mixer tap that the lines remain separate internally. This eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination of filtered water with unfiltered water.

Puratap Water Tap With Filter

Our mixer taps have three separate lines to avoid the cross contamination of filtered and unfiltered water.

Ensure your mixer tap is high quality and has separate lines for hot + cold and filtered water.

Puratap Modern Mixer Taps with Filter

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