Puratap Water Filtration Unit

How To Choose The Right Home Water Filtration System

Why do you need a water filtration system for your home?

How do I choose the right water filtration system?

  • Check your main water source first


  • Verify the filter meets water safety standards or tests in your locality


  • Check which contaminants can be filtered
  • Enquire about the life or durability of the home water filtration system
  • Your system comes with a parts and labour warranty
  • It includes a pressure valve warranty
  • Filters are designed to last a minimum of a year
  • All plumbing components are made from safe, durable materials
  • Your system is designed for Australian conditions
  • The system is certified by all appropriate peak bodies
  • That the individual components are made to the highest standards
  • Your system is built in a highly regulated location
  • Your system is supplied and fitted by experts in the field, not “importers” or “resellers”
  • The designer is committed to the ethical production of purification products – your family’s health is too important to sacrifice for a substandard company’s profits.
  • Look for house water filters that come with installation and maintenance services

Do I need a whole house water filter?

Is whole-house water filtration worth it?

How much do tap water filtration systems for homes cost?

One more thing before you choose your water filtration system

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