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Puratap Water Filters, Water Purifiers Adelaide | Australia

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Puratap water filter - Australian made for Australian conditions

Australian Made for Australian Conditions

Puratap water filter - Australian made for Australian conditions
The new Puratap stainless steel pipe fitting

The Puratap stainless steel pipe fitting is resistant to zinc chloride and other chemicals.
Industry standard ball valve fitting

The plastic fitting is susceptible to chemical damage, which weakens the nut, seen in this example by the discolouration inside.
The Puratap tube fitting

The Puratap screw-in tube fitting gives superior resistance to high water pressure ensuring the fittings are sealed lock tight.

Inferior tube fittings

These ‘push-fit’ tube fittings are generally not rated to withstand anything but moderate water pressures. Any imperfection on the tube can cause the part to leak.

The tubing

Puratap’s thick wall tubing ensures it is more durable and can better withstand Australia’s high water pressures.
The tubing

The tubing is only half the thickness of Puratap and therefore unable to withstand high operating pressures for a long period of time. It is much weaker and more susceptible to splitting.
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